Desired Results Developmental Profile (182721) As a state-funded program, Childs-pace is subject to California Department of Education (CDE) guidelines. Programs are regularly reviewed by the state for compliance with funding terms and conditions, and program quality.

The program curriculum for the children is developmentally based in four domains, cognitive, social-emotional, language and physical development. The success of the program’s curriculum is based on understanding that is measured by the Child Development:

  1. Children are personally and socially competent.
  2. Children are effective learners.
  3. Children show physical and motor competence.
  4. Children are safe and healthy.
  5. The success of families.
  6. Families support their child’s learning and development.
  7. Families achieve their goals.

Childs-pace conducts annual self-reviews and is periodically reviewed/monitored by the CDD.