In order to receive subsidized childcare, parents must meet one of the following eligibility requirements;

Family is a:

  1. Public assistance recipient. (18092)
    1. Shall provide documentation of public assistance
  2. Income eligible (18078, 18084(a)). When the number of family members and the amount of family income have been determined.
    1. Shall provide total countable income for all the adults counted in the family size.
    2. A release authorizing Childs-pace to contact employer
    3. Check stubs (for the month preceding enrollment)
    4. Self employed
      1. Letter from source of income
      2. Copy of recent signed and completed Tax returns
      3. Other business records

Note that in cases where the child is living with a custodial adult or guardian, income is typically computed on the basis of “family of one” in determining income eligibility and fee assessment.

  1. Homelessness (18091)
    1. A written referral from emergency shelter or medical or social services agency.
    2. A written parental declaration that the family is homeless and a statement describing the family’s current living situation.
  1. The family has a child who is at risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, or receiving child protective services through the county welfare department.

Documentation of Family Size (18100)

You must provide supporting documentation regarding the number of children and parents in the family.

Supporting documentation for the number of children shall be a least one of the following:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Child Custody court order
  3. Adoption documents
  4. Foster Care placement records
  5. School or medical records
  6. County Welfare department records
  7. Other reliable documentation indicating the relationship of the child to the parent.


The Center Director must document your need for services based on the following:

  1. Child Protective Services (CPS) (18092):
    1. Must have written referral from the Department of Health & Human Services, CPS Unit.   If the child care is reimbursed with federal funds, the family must also be income eligible unless the individual issuing the at risk or child protective services referral recommends waiving the income eligibility ceiling.
    2. Parent must submit a verifiable CPS referral that includes:
    3. Name, telephone number and signature of the person making the referral
    4. The referral must state that “childcare is a necessary component of the Child Protective Service Plan.”
  1. Employed (18078):
    1. Statement of wages/Check Stubs
    2. A written statement from the employer (employment verification form)
    3. Documented telephone verification between the contractor staff and employer
    4. If the parent is self-employed, he/she may provide other documentation of income such as a letter from the source of income or copies of tax returns or statements of estimated income for tax purposes.
  2. Seeking Employment: (18086.5)
    1. Hours of care will be less than 30 hours per week.
    2. Parents will be responsible for submitting documentation, job search log to verify how time was utilized while care was provided.
  3. Vocational Training:   (18087)
    1. An Educational goal
    2. The dates that training will begin and end.
    3.  Provide a class schedule including; the courses that you are currently enrolled in, and the days of the week and time of courses
    4. Educational/vocational training is limited to (6) years from the initiation of services or (24) semester units or its equivalent after attainment of a Bachelors Degree.
    5. Submit transcripts, report card or adequate progress at recertification; as required by Childs-pace.
  1. Parental Incapacity (18088):
    1. Shall not exceed 50 hours per week.
    2. You must provide a statement signed by a legally qualified professional that indicates;
    3. The description of the nature of incapacitation
    4. States probable duration of the incapacitation
    5. The parent(s) incapacitation prevents the parent(s) from caring for the child
    6. Suggests the number of childcare hours needed each day because of the incapacitation
    7. The name, business address, telephone number, professional license number, and signature of the legally qualified health professional that is rendering the opinion of incapacitation.
  1. Seeking Permanent Housing:  (18091)
    1. Childcare services are limited to 60 working days
    2. Not to exceed 30 hours per week.
    3. Written parental declaration
    4. Parents search plan shall include a general description of when services will be necessary.

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